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NixOS Linux System Upgrade Tutorial

Level Up NixOS: Mastering Package Updates

Welcome to the Wonderland of NixOS!

Hey, fellow Linux enthusiasts and curios! Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a system upgrade, biting your nails and hoping it doesn’t lead to fixing what wasn’t broken? Well, buckle up, because after getting to know NixOS, we’re about to embark on a wondrous walk through NixOS wonderland, where system upgrades are smooth sailing. Get ready to dive into a world where package management is not just a task, but an adventure!

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Fedora Linux Distribution

KDE Plasma on Fedora: Minimal Setup

I have been using Fedora Linux for some time now. I switched from Arch Linux in search of some more “peaceful” distribution. However, I’ve been using Arch for too long to accept the KDE spin of Fedora that comes with a bunch of bloatware by default. I searched and of course found a tutorial for a minimal installation of the KDE Plasma environment on Fedora. I wrote about it almost a year ago, and now a new version is coming!

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Arch Linux installation, guides, reviews

Arch Install Made Easy: Archinstall Guide

Instructions for installing ArchLinux using the installation script ArchFi (and then ArchDi) is the first in a series of texts dedicated to the comparison of different ways of installing the ArchLinux distribution. This text is also an installation guide, but using the officially supported script – Archinstall. I will refrain from giving too many impressions, that remains for the third and last text in this area. I’ll just say that it’s a much simpler way to install ArchLinux and a minimal desktop environment offered from the list.

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Arch Linux installation, guides, reviews

Arch Linux Install: ArchFi Makes it Easy

It’s been a while since my last guide for installing ArchLinux article that covered the classic installation method (reading the documentation and typing command by command until you get to a working system). The following is a new one that will describe how to install this popular Linux distribution, using the Archfi installation script, I mentioned earlier. This text will be part of a trilogy that will consist of: Archfi script, Archinstal script and finally their comparison. Somehow, it just happened that a few days ago, a new version of the Archfi script was released after less than a year and a half, so let’s see how it all works (and it works 🙂 ).

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Fedora Linux Distribution

Fedora KDE Plasma Minimal Easy Install Guide

After a while, I will talk about Fedora again, because during the previous distro-hopping , Fedora generally left a positive impression on me. I may have been a little harsh to the Gnome environment, but in any case, this distro received a passing grade. Maybe even a C+! Between versions 34 and 35, I noticed significant improvements in the package manager, ie its speed. This text brings one more thing, and that is the bash script for installing Fedora with KDE Plasma environment and all the basic programs to use.

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GNU Linux logo

Ultimate Cheat Sheet 4 Linux Console Commands

As I am a forgetful type, I often need a reminder. Especially when I’m doing something, it happens that at the moment I can’t remember a command, or how many arguments go in the function call or something like that. That’s why I always get excited when I come across cheat sheet tables with an overview of the most common, or most useful commands. On this occasion, I will set up tables with an overview of Linux commands, found on Facebook, so that the terminal does not look dreadful, as it is at first glance 🙂 A lot of examples you can find just by searching the Web 🙂

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GNU Linux logo

Celebrating 30 Years of the Linux Kernel

The jubilee birthday of the Linux kernel comes and goes (August 25), a miracle that changed the course of development of modern OSes. I use the word “miracle” because that’s how it turned out in the end. The project, which the creator Linus Torvalds himself did not believe would come to life, is a global phenomena today. It is located all around us, the simplest example is of course the smartphone with Android. We are talking about 1.6 billion devices at the heart of which is the Linux kernel. The kernel is part of the operating systems that run our desktop computers, mainframes, supercomputers …

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De-Google your phone and enjoy freedom

How to Network Two Computers Under Linux

I also dealt a little with this topic, I went into the administrator’s waters and looked for a way to network two machines under (Arch) Linux in the simplest way, in order to easily transfer a bunch of data that I need from time to time, and what I allowed myself was fast backups. This is important because I am often do a little distro hopping. One thing is for sure, I always come back to Arch Linux!

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